Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Wannabe Hubert Harmon Poodle

Its a wannabe Hubert Harmon - If you recall Hubert was obsessed with his whole Poodlemania in the 1960's. Hubert is described as odd, bizarre, whimsical, different. He definitely was not like other boys and this brooch signed MAYA MEXICO is great. Maya even left a loop above the eyebrow - it actually looks like a piercing! I love it - - and again, a rare and hard to find piece by either Hubert or Maya.

My Matl Necklace - To Die For!!

Yeah, its real - properly stamped MATL SALAS - - no MS-12 crap.

My Aguilar Necklace - Fabulousness!!

OMG - I wanted to die when I saw this - it was not properly identified to what it really is - the very rare and hard to find rounded lyre necklace by Hector Aguilar. Though not marked (no 940 no HA or HE) it is without a doubt one of the best necklaces I have seen (not counting the museum pieces in the exhibits).

My Taxco Collection

OMG! What a week - BIN on ebay is killer!
Got a super cool MATL necklace - never thought I would own one. I've only seen them in books and in exhibits and occasionally on someones website (but they are usually the new repro ones). It was only up for like 20 minutes before I swooped on it...the seller also had a bracelet but it was BIN the very same minute I was BIN the necklace...lucky lucky buyer.