Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rossana Taxco

Rossana is currently listed - here is the sellers description:

This is a fabulous Modernist styled pin that is a bust of a woman. It is made out of Sterling Silver and has enameled accents in the design of blue and red-orange. The pin has a bar pin with a C-clasp that work perfectly. On the backside it is signed Rossana, Mexico, 925 and registration number TR-28. I would say that it is used and in excellent condition, the silver has a nice patina to it and there is no chipped or missing enamel. The pin measures approximately 2 2/8 inches in height and 1 inch wide.

When I first saw this it just screamed popowski. Modernist woman with red enameling in the left breast or heart area. I have never seen this designer before. The marks reminded me of ProSa - although this is not their usual design style.
Keep your eyes peeled for this particular designer = we may see more of him/her. If you know anything, pls post.

I really liked this piece - bidding starts at a confident $68.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Its Called A PATINA

I cracked up when I read this listing description on ebay:

Vintage Mixed Metals of Copper and Silver on Fumed Wood Plaque Signed "Talleres Monasticos with Logo Mexico Sterling and the Eagle 1"

Approximate measurements: 9 7/8"h" x 4.75"w x 7/8"d

Condition: Fair. There are scratches to the wood's fumed finish, including a rectangular area on the front lower right. The sterling of Maria is discolored, and may or may not clean up. (We're in the ladies against polishing club.)
The Talleres Monasticos was the silversmith workshop of the Benedictine monks of Cuernavaca.


I am a long-time member of The Ladies Against Polishing club and I didnt even know there was a club. Over the years, I have recruited many members, explaining that sterling silver does not have to look like shiny chrome.
Sterling when exposed to air, or oxidation, does tend to darken, leave it, do not succomb to the polishing temptation no matter how strong it may be....
When polishing is required, do it GENTLY with a silver cloth.

websters definition:
* a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use
* an appearance or aura that is derived from association, habit, or established character
* a superficial covering or exterior

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ANTONIO Lipstick Holder

This is such an amazing piece of workmanship!
Nice weight and measuring about 3 inches in length, I wasn't surprised to see
Antonio's Crown mark (authenic).

Embellished with a garnet , this item was really unused since it was sold in Taxco in the late 1950's. Everything, in nice working order.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


D1d you hear?? The summer schedule for the Antiques Road Show has been released.
I encourage you to go and take your treasures if it is any where near you.

ROADSHOW's 2011 Tour features a series of local events at which top appraisers offer the public free evaluations of antiques and collectibles -- revealing the often surprising history and value of these items.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW 2011 stops and dates include:

City Date
Eugene, OR June 4, 2011
El Paso, Texas June 18, 2011
Minneapolis, MN July 9, 2011
Tulsa, OK July 23, 2011
Atlanta, GA August 6, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA August 13, 2011

Admission to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW events is free, but tickets are required and must be obtained in advance. Ticket applications and complete ticketing rules will be available on pbs.org/antiques or by dialing toll-free 1-888-762-3749 after ANTIQUES ROADSHOW's season premiere, Monday, January 3, 2011, at 8/7C PM on PBS.

Check the PBS ARS website for more info...I think I will be attending the El Paso show.