Sunday, March 20, 2011

Upcoming Show: Sausalito Vintage Jewelry

I dont usually post or list any shows = there are so many but this one is my neck of the woods- altho if gas prices keep rising I prob wont be able to afford to attend.

Sausalito Vintage Jewelry & Antique Show
May 7–8, 2011 • Sausalito, California

Golden Gate Shows

Event hours: Saturday 10-6 Sunday 10-5

Admission $6 Web page :

Coin Jewelry 20 Cents Worth

I really like the old coin vintage jewelry. The early coins were made in real sterling silver and real gold... The people and jewelrs took these coins and made them wearable - According to Davis and Pack (and others) its referred to as Folk Jewelry cuz thats what the folk wore. Its what was at hand.
You see coin jewelry mixed with old venetian beads - mostly read hearts - but some are multi colored and can be found from Mexico and Guatemala. ...See oldbeads website for very good (and expensive) examples.

This particular piece is now a pendant but I think it started as a pair of earrings.
Love the dangle fringe - all sterling - very cool piece of folk jewelry...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Porcayo Por Que No

The seller on this item indicates this is Manuel Porcayo - this is tytpical of the MP that I have seen - this one is marked with the Mano or Hand mark.
This doesnt really make my heart flutter so I guess it wouldnt be something I personally would purchase - but thats just me.

Now this piece is currenly on ebay its an older piece by A. PORCAYO - ok so I couldnt help but wonder if these PORCAYO's are somehow related - The name is not that common and I really dont run accross it in my searches. I really like this piece because it s remiscent of Aztec design.

I should prob ck my Billie H book to see if there is any relation but it just seems like too much work....If you have info pls let me know.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hubert Harmon

Hubert Harmon is sooo hawt! I just got this BIN and I LOVE IT. The patina is amazing. Given the shape and the structure of it I wonder if its just the one half of a super cool belt buckle. The seller noted that this piece was in the Mexican Silver exhibit....I went to the exhibit but dont recall the Hubert Harmon pieces...I did see a few pieces at the Marc Navarro Gallery - pretty cool items that I had not seen before including some holloware...but the prices - ouch!! So I feel really lucky to have scored this piece - the most iconic and in Sterling, properly marked with the winged feet...Yup lucky.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modern Silver Magazine Marketplace

Wow! MSM now features a Marketplace section - seller can post for a small fee and you can shop some of the finest signed sterling - You know I am a sucker for Danish sterling (see My Vintage Scandanavian Silver blog). Check out the site for great buys on rare, signed, sterling designer pieces. Priced accordingly by knowledable sellers....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rossana Taxco

Rossana is currently listed - here is the sellers description:

This is a fabulous Modernist styled pin that is a bust of a woman. It is made out of Sterling Silver and has enameled accents in the design of blue and red-orange. The pin has a bar pin with a C-clasp that work perfectly. On the backside it is signed Rossana, Mexico, 925 and registration number TR-28. I would say that it is used and in excellent condition, the silver has a nice patina to it and there is no chipped or missing enamel. The pin measures approximately 2 2/8 inches in height and 1 inch wide.

When I first saw this it just screamed popowski. Modernist woman with red enameling in the left breast or heart area. I have never seen this designer before. The marks reminded me of ProSa - although this is not their usual design style.
Keep your eyes peeled for this particular designer = we may see more of him/her. If you know anything, pls post.

I really liked this piece - bidding starts at a confident $68.