Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Matl - Yup More

The key shaped is a brooch but the pin and the brooch part are missing. I think the previous owner wore it a a pendant cuz its bent at the top too. Despite its shortcomings this is an exceptional and rare piece. Marked with the old MATL marks and no MS-12 crap. The mirror is too cool. No missing pieces except for the darkend areas in the mirror, its in great shape. This one is marked MATL Salas - also no MS-12 crap.

My Margot de Taxco

Check out the two bracelets - they are matching and have the most interesting design half circles so it lays beautifully on your wrist. This sold recently on ebay for around $900 - I didnt pay that much but I got lucky cuz it was a sleeper...The Blue cabochon necklace have the matching bracelet - but I couldnt locate it in my vast jewlery box. The Green enamel leaf has the mathcing necklace currently located with my kid - its a great piece with matching earrings. I got it 20 years ago when no one knew who or what it is

My Salvador Madonna Necklace

I got this necklace off ebay - Its a damaged Salvador Teran. Its a nice carved Madonna centerpiece but her little hands are broken. The few I have seen are the same way - broken off little hands. Since I wanted to add a Salvador to my collection I went ahead and got it even with its imperfection....

My Armadillo Set - Wow!

This a wonderful set - the neclace is Manual Altamirano properly marked - The belt buckle is a HA Hector Aguilar 940. I paid too much for but I had never seen before so I bought it with my tax refund $$...The bracelet is marked simply Taxco but still the quality and workmanship is exceptional.