Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ken Who!? Ken Belden Taxco Sculptor

So I have seen some Ken Beldin before tho not much. From what I can gather he was a a sculptor who worked outside of Taxco in the 70's. His work is usually is referred to as Tiki's - I guess cuz thats what they look like... His work doesnt come up that often (even on the specialy websites) and wonder if his body of work is limited. No references in any of my big books of silver and nada on Wiki. LMK if you have any 411 on Ken Beldin. Thanks Tia

UPDATE: Researching the Guadalupe Castellano there is a minute blurb on Ken in the Davis & Pack book: We have seen a few pieces done by Ken Belden, an American living in Tenancingo, which were interesting in color, being mostly of copper and brass and a little white metal. He is the cutodian of archeolgical stones and it is from these that he derives his motifs.

NOTE: Its unclear to me on the correct spelling is Belden or Beldin.
Davis & Pack says Belden but I swear the markings have an 'I' for Beldin.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Los Castillo Fish - Pescado

Isnt this too cool? Its about 3 inches in length - correct markings for Los Castillo. This is on Marbeth Schon website for about $350 - No I didnt pay that much for it = lets just say I got it at a very fair price.