Thursday, December 31, 2009

Victoria Taxco

I just got this necklace - I really like it and so did my kid who decided she should wear it. So its in her jewelery box. I don't have many Victoria pieces. Not sure if it's just too pricey for me or I simply don't come across her pieces very often. At any rate, this necklace is great - nice look and properly marked - always a must for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ck thisWebsite

I just came across this website - One Good Eye specializing in taxco sterling. There are some good high end designer pieces with prices to match. There are also some good knockoffs. But its worth exploring...

Monday, December 21, 2009

ANTONIO - Rest In Peace

Mr. Pineda past away December 14,2009. His obituary is in most large news publications.
How timely his exhibit was at the Fowler earlier this year.
Those who met him were indeed fortunate. As my abuelita would say: Que en Paz Descanse.,0,1738476.story

Monday, December 14, 2009

Antonio Necklace - POR

How cool is this Antonio Necklace?! - It matches my bracelet and I have searching high and low for this piece....So did you notice the POR? I hate the POR - its Price On Request - thats code for "Its-really-super-expensive-and-If-you-have-to-call-or-email-me-for-the-price-you-probably-cant-afford-it" Actually, I think I saw this some months ago emailed and its like $6,000. OK So I think I can wait for it to pop up on ebay...My patience is infinite...HaHa.

Feliz Navidad 2009

So its that time of year for elbowing other shoppers at the stores n malls. I'm not really doing a lot of Christmas shopping this season - Actually, I dont do much any season. I find its in direct conflict with my whole taxco acquisition goals.
I never have enuf funds to do both - for some odd reason the taxco always wins. LOL!! I did get a Matl pin that I paid too much for and was soooo disappointed with - it looks like a remake and I didnt notice the mark was applied on to the piece which I hate because it tells me that they were made separately. I didnt return it and just sucked it up - I need to pay closer attention to the details.
In my area the local Antique Shows have all but been done away with since we have a monthly Antique Show. Its sooo cold tho that I didnt go this month - -
My thanks to Marbeth Schon for the use of the christmas tree is her website - love it visit it - cant say I have ever purchased anything tho...