Thursday, July 29, 2010

Margot de Taxco

WOW! News Flash!!

So my sources tell me that the long-awaited and much anticipated Margot de Taxco book is FINALLY going to be available. I cant wait to see the most anticpated book by Penny Morrill. Her research is always on point and well documented. Always a plus in my opinion....As you know, Margot's work sells in the many hunderds and sometimes in the thousands ($$), despite that my hearbreaks because according to sources, Margot was a pauper who died on a friends couch - her molds sold (not sure by whom) for reproductions that sometimes get sold as 'authentic vintage' (see my previous blogs for that item).

Anyway, its available and I CANT WAIT!

You can preorder your hardcover book from Amazon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010



This just popped up on ebay with a BIN of $200.
Its listed as a rare, hard to find, and out of print (OOP) book.
When (date) did this become a rare, HTF, & OOP print book - well, I knew it was oop but really, rare & htf?
I need enlightening as to the serious increase in price for this item.
Out of curiousity, I checked Amazon and it started at $130 plus s/h - the price went up to a whopping $280. Hmmmmm, maybe $200 isnt so bad after all.

Yes, my book is signed by the cool is that?

New Website - Well, New to Me

Its a website worth visiting - ck out MILKY JEWELS website along with their description of each item. She also has a Mexican Jewelry section - which U know I like. Ck out the new addtions sections - I love it - except for she has lots of sold stuff left up - one is a Margot bracelet which broke my heart cuz I'm sure it went for a good price....oh well.

Here is location for her Mexican items - not sure why its not on the index.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yeah Its a Spratling

BIN off ebay - I love it - The description noted that its 48" inches long. I was skeptical. Yes, it really it. This is going with my two other wood and sterling necklaces - one is Los Castillo and the other is an unknown maker - but still nice with matching earrings! Ha!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taxco HALLMARKS Whats Hot

Margot de Taxco marks = Watch out for fakes! The marks on the fakes are not as sharp or clear. Also watch for workmanship - fakes are not as well made - handle some real Margot to compare....careful out there.

Hector Aguilar pieces are also faked and reproduced...I saw some Hector at the Phoenix Airport in a kiosk...who knew?!

Spratling Hallmarks - Here a just a few:

Here are some hallmarks of what to look for when looking at good mexican or taxco vintage jewelry. I say good because there is an increased interest in Taxco which resulted in reproductions and fakes. Its difficult and quite challenging when assessing authentic pieces if one has not had the opportunity to see and handle the real thing.

Los Castillo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Silver Seduction Exhibit Santa Fe


Wow! Fabulous exhibit! I didnt read the reviews after the Santa Fe opening but the presentation was wonderful. Gunther said that it was much better that LA. Yes, he went to both...

I had already purchased and read the catalog - excellent research by the author and I cant even believe that most of the items are in personal collections. Its like a mistake cuz I think they are national treasures...

Anyway, if this exhibit is anywhere near you - GO!


Here is a full description including pics of the show opening and reception at the Fowler. As if I needed more reasons to feel bad for not going to this exhibit!

Santa Fe International Folk Art Show - - Wow!

FEDERICO JIMENEZ & ALLIE McGRAW (yes, the allie mcgraw)

This show was highly recommended and touted as theee show to go attend...the best exhibitors from around the world and even endorsed or attended by Oprah. I usually dont fall for the hype but I happened to be in the area so I went...OMG!
It was amazing with exhibitors from around the world (who knew!?)
So, one of the ladies said Federico was there (think Oaxacan earrings) so he is the one I looked for...I was not dissapointed.
His pieces were amazing - even more amazing was that nothing was marked...NOTHING - at every turn it was 'Fecderico, how much is this or How much are these?' Even with two handsome assistants, it was chaos cuz even the assitants were "Cuanto estos Federico?" But it was fun and I stayed at his booth for some time perusing his wares - with his Oaxacan style and even Matl stlye doves necklace - hmmmm, interesting.

I also saw and even purchased a very nice reboso in New Mexico colors (burnt orange and yellow). Although, the fringe was not as long as I like, I bought it anyway cuz I really liked it.

If you have been to Santa Fe it really is the land of enchantment - the scenery was stunning and sooo very post card-typical of New Mexico.

Yes, I also had to stop by and visit the MARK NAVARRO gallery - a wall, yes a wall, full of Spratling. Cases of Aguilar, Pineda, Los Castillo, and even HUBERT HARMON. The prices matched the quality and surroundings - mucho dinero - with Hector starting at about $4k...I didnt buy anything but it was fun seeing everything chatting with Mr. Gunther....Thanks!!

I had lots fun and would like to extend a special thanks to my friend that invited me and even had to talk me into going - which now I cant even believe I didnt want to go = = GRACIAS!!