Monday, November 30, 2009

Bracelets That I Like for Winter

Yeah, who doesnt have seasonal jewelry? I like the Pedro Castillo bracelet for winter cuz its called the snowflake bracelet - I guess cuz it looks like a snowflake. I'm sure it snows somewhere in Mexico, though I doubt that was the initial inspiration for this bracelet. I also posted the markings. I always like to see that pieces are marked like ppl say they are - - The Maguey Hector Aguilar is really nice, and yes, I do wear it during other times of the year. The Margot bracelet is really nice and big. I'm still looking for the matching necklace - in an affordable price range. Occasionally, it pops up on ebay but now I'm so reluctant to buy any Margot on ebay due to the number of fakes and repros.