Saturday, March 19, 2011

Porcayo Por Que No

The seller on this item indicates this is Manuel Porcayo - this is tytpical of the MP that I have seen - this one is marked with the Mano or Hand mark.
This doesnt really make my heart flutter so I guess it wouldnt be something I personally would purchase - but thats just me.

Now this piece is currenly on ebay its an older piece by A. PORCAYO - ok so I couldnt help but wonder if these PORCAYO's are somehow related - The name is not that common and I really dont run accross it in my searches. I really like this piece because it s remiscent of Aztec design.

I should prob ck my Billie H book to see if there is any relation but it just seems like too much work....If you have info pls let me know.

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