Sunday, April 26, 2009


Stupid blog ate my post! OK so here are all my Antonio Pieces. Ck out the starfish which I have not seen before and the very cool necklace I got on ebay BIN. Ha Ha.

I gathered them up this am and thought I would share them all with YOu!! Ok in the bracelets only the Thumpprint design one is not signed and prob a knockoff but still its a nice piece and quite substantial. I had to quit wearing it cuz it pops off.
i have two brooches one that you s4ee all the time - the other is a starfish that I have never seen before....unless I missed it in the Penny Morrill books.

The cuff with leaves is pretty cool and I took extra pics for you to look at - I have never seen it before and when I got it, the idiot seller had dipped it so its just now getting back its patina which it looks like its supposed to have.
All are marked with the Antonio Crown and 970 Taxco - The bracelet with the blue beads is FABULOUS and was in the recent Fowler exhibit. Its so huge and industrial I hardly wear it. Look for it on ebay. Ha Ha As if!


  1. lady! you need to make the pics bigger and MAYBE not have them all bunched up so you can see their fabulousness better!! i DO love your bracelets!! i just wish i could wear them....they are effin cool!

  2. Well, lady that's why you can click on them and make 'em bigger - when I clicked on it, the pics were gynourmous!

  3. Hi,
    Lovely collection! I have the necklace that matches your bracelet with the blue stones. Would you be interested in selling the bracelet? Please let me know.
    Thank you,