Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taxco HALLMARKS Whats Hot

Margot de Taxco marks = Watch out for fakes! The marks on the fakes are not as sharp or clear. Also watch for workmanship - fakes are not as well made - handle some real Margot to compare....careful out there.

Hector Aguilar pieces are also faked and reproduced...I saw some Hector at the Phoenix Airport in a kiosk...who knew?!

Spratling Hallmarks - Here a just a few:

Here are some hallmarks of what to look for when looking at good mexican or taxco vintage jewelry. I say good because there is an increased interest in Taxco which resulted in reproductions and fakes. Its difficult and quite challenging when assessing authentic pieces if one has not had the opportunity to see and handle the real thing.

Los Castillo


  1. I just purchased a brooch sold as Margot de Taxco sterling. I bought a duplicate of a brooch I already have, so that I could give it to a friend who has admired it. When I received the brooch, I noted that the hallmark is different - it is not at clear, and is stamped on a little metal "tag" which is then affixed to the back side of the brooch near the middle. (Rather than stamped right into the piece.) Also, I slightly rubbed the new brooch and the metal looks more gunmetal grey than the warm silver color of the first brooch. Other than these differences, the pieces are essentially identical, shape, size, curves, etc. I would really like to know if it's the real deal before I give it to my friend, and I am writing to you because it is clear from your blog that you are very knowledgeable about Taxco silver. Any thoughts would be appreciated and I would be happy to send pictures. Thanks! And I really enjoy the blog! Vicky from Ventura, CA

  2. Hi Victoria - Sounds from your description you really liked the original brooch you have and wanted a duplicate. I totally understand - I have duplicates too - - I hope you got your brooch for a good price (low). With the Margot book coming out, I think even reproductions will go up in value if, it as you point out, well made. Please feel free to send me pics - let me figure out how to post them or just look at them and let you know...thanks for youe post Tia

  3. Can ou help me identify my cuffs maker. its very oldshaped like 2 wings hinged and coming together in the front the stamp is MEXICO 925 and what loks like an eagle stamp (or a bell!!) with the number78 or 178 inside its very worn on the stamps so hard to say I really would like to find out about it, I have to get some pictures of it to post when I find my camera. thanks roz

  4. Thanks roz for you inquiry - pls send me or let me know where you post pic of your item - Its just easier to see the design style and such...thanks Tia