Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Margot Yeah its a Fish

How hot is Margot? I keep hearing buzz about a new book due out - but I have yet to see it or hear more on it. If you hear anything, pls let me know. OK so I got this necklace some years ago - I was at the flea market with no $$ (typical for me) so I asked my dad for some and vioala! its mine. It was cheap too!! Yes, there is some enamel loss on one earring and the fish, but you have to admit, its great!
Some months ago I bought an alleged Margot necklace on ebay. Its the egyptian design with blue dangly links - I have the bracelet and wanted the necklace. Anyway, I am the high bidder and when I get it - its a re-make, a fake, a reproduction, an imposter. You get the idea. I was so upset - and you know if that was all that upset me that would be so cool...Anyway, after some email exchanges, and filing a comoplaint with ebay, I did get my money returned. All this to say, if you are in the market be wary and make sure you can return your item. I dont mind spending a few hundred dollars but it sure better be worth it. In this case my fish was cheap but slightly damaged but I know its real, authentic, and not a reproduction.

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