Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eisenberg Original in Mexico

Rare and hard to find - these are now popping up on ebay.
This one has a reserve with an opening bid of $9.99.
The workmanship is ok - actually, its not very good at all.
I have to ck my books to see which workshop executed the Eisenberg line.
Eisenberg took the same route as Marcel Boucher and Coro - American companies that during the second world war went to Mexico in search of Sterling and new and exciting designs....
Except for Eisenberg Original, the designs and workmanship from Mexico (Parisina, Coro) were exceptional.
My opinion of course. I do like that Eisenberg Original are rustic looking with mesoamerican designs....Other than the green stones, I havent seen any other colored stones...
OK so how many Eisenberg Originals do you have??
Here is a bit more info I found:

During the 40's some of the costume jewelry being sold in the US by US companies was "outsourced" to Mexico. Eisenberg Original produced some silver & non-silver jewelry there, much of it set with a dyed green onyx. If you read Vintage Fashion & Costume Jewelry, you will find an article "Eisenberg Ole'" about these pieces, authored by Bobye Syverson, in Vol. 17 No. 1, 2007, one picture presented here = .

Collectors Weekly just published this article on Eisenberg just this week:
Rhinestone Dynasty: Karl Eisenberg Talks About His Family’s Costume Jewelry
See item number 6 for the Eisenberg in Mexico info.
However, the info is still limited and there is no mention or pic of the Eisenberg Original pieces from Mexico. Which you know are a stark contrast to their exceptionally made jewelry.

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