Sunday, October 18, 2009

MY Mexican Folk Necklaces

I guess I kinda like these given I have more than 3 of each. I got the first one some years ago at a flea market. I thought they were different and I knew the beads were really old white hearts. Also, look at the old crucifix - prob made from old melted down copper coins. Its like an poor mans version of a crucifix. Very rustic - the other one is the same - like a rudimentary medallion of christ. The brass beads are really old - not sure how old these are and I have not seen this in any books (not even Donald Codry).

I was surprised recently to see these old reliquiarys (sp?) that they are soooo expensive. I guess they are somewhat rare - I dont hardly see them except on speciality websites for old religious items - never my first stop for shopping. Again, I was just interested in the beads and this just happened to be hanging off it...Its interspered with brass beads and small oval shaped beads that look like a cazo - a small pot if you will. Its great and in the permanent collection.

I'm not sure how it happened but I have ended up with several (more than three) coin necklaces. I was fascinated with these when I first saw a BLUE one in the film El Norte - the girl sells her necklace of silver coins and cobalt blue beads to be $$ to go north to the USA. I have not run into a blue coin necklace but I'm still looking. At any rate, these are old - the coins date from 1896 to 1920's - most have white hearts but I have one that has red bugle beads - -

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