Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Miguel Covarrubias Necklace Patzcuaro

Super nice authentic vintage Patzcuaro Necklace. The only other one I have seen is pictured in the Davis & Pack Mexican Jewelry book. Although there are no markings on this one at all this piece, note that the ones in the book are also unmarked. Produced by Mr. Jesus Cazares in the Patzcuaro region, these fish designs are continued to be made today - see for a peek at whats coming out of there today. The design is a slightly varied but very wearable.
A look at the back looks like this may have started out as a pin slash brooch. When I got it, the pin was gone, and only one of the drilled holes had a broken chain hanging off of it...I removed that and added red dogbone shaped beads interspaced with sterling beads. Ya just like in the book...Go ahead, just try to find another just like it. Please email me if you do - I am always in the market.

I added a couple of my other Patzcuaro inspired necklaces. Also pictured in Davis n Pack - altho a couple of the fish are missing - I'm considering taking them to my jeweler to have some copies made. My jeweler is really good and pretty sure he can do it....Nice huh? Or do I need to get out more?

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