Thursday, February 25, 2010

From the Carol Berk Collection?! Really?

OK so this Spratling bracelet is currently listed on eBay - the seller is silverborders. According to the item description, the provenance for this item is the CAROL BERK COLLECTION. So is Carol really selling her items? Has anyone heard any thing about that? I'm surprised cuz if you read her books she definitely has a passion for the good Taxco...How can you part with it?
I just cant imagine - Just today I visited my daughter at work - she was wearing the most amazing sterling Taxco necklace - Of course, it was an Antonio - - and on extended loan to my kid - - but I could never actually permanently part with it...

Here is the link to the CAROLE A. BERK Homepage - she does have wonderful items available - most items are call for prices.

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