Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In The Style Of...

So here is one of my pet peeves (the list is very long). So I really hate it when I see FRED DAVIS, SPRATLING, MARGOT or ANTONIO in the Title listings - whether its Ebay or any website seller list then when you actually read the description and see the markings its NOT what it purports to be.
So here are some of my favorits -
In the syle of...
In the manner of...
Attributed to (careful with this one)

I think the reason I really dislike it is because the seller is LYING - plain and simple. Why cant they just say its well made from the Taxco school? Because its a scam to fool the buyer that may fall for their lie so they can simply make a few bucks. Its too bad really - sometimes I think the seller really doesnt know and didnt do the proper reseearch. But mostly they just want to sell stuff for the most $$. Buyer beware I guess.

OK so I just acquired a fabulous necklace - that I paid way too much for but evidently I had to have it.
That will be the next post - see you then!!

I always have to look at the MARKINGS -

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