Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mexican Sterling Blog

Sharing this website cuz I think its fun and full of info that taxcophiles need in order to feed their addiction (yes, addiction I said it).
I'm pretty sure I have already mentioned it but here it is again - be sure to visit their homepage - its full of links and info. I'm stingy about my info (have you noticed?) I really dont like to share the details of my acquisitions....Well, this week its the monthly under the freeway antique show and sale...I cant wait - got $ in my pocket that is just burning for some good (I mean good) taxco....
Yeah, its a Spratling - hee hee


  1. I have cufflinks with the crown mark and Plata something (can't read second word) and QUADMEXICO below that is another mark. So what do I have. I am knew at this and want to be correct.

  2. I have purchased a pair of earrings with the crown mark and Pineda's on top and Taxco Mexico on the bottom with a TP-11 and 970. I thought this was an obvious attempt to fool buyers into thinking it was Antonio Pineda. What do you think. Who is this?