Friday, April 9, 2010

Alleged ANTONIO Items

OK so previously I listed alleged Spratling ebay listings - - Here are the alleged Antonio Pineda items also currently listed on eBay...These made me LMAO....These are not fakes so much as they are inaccurately listed and identified as Antonio. For collectors and afficionados of Taxco, Antonio is prob the most identifiable. In some instances, even without any marks, you can pick out his work at ten paces. It screams quality, modernist, and ulimately luxe.

This is ebay item number 110516510417
and listed as a salad serving set by Antonio.

Yeah its an Antonio and I'm a Contessa.

OMG This is BIN for like $70 and shockingly no one has snatched up this 'Antonio' Ha Ha Ha

Heres another listing. Item #110470308547. Whats so funny is that this has been on ebay for MONTHS! It started at like $1000 with this same listing description:
Beautiful, Rare, Vintage Signed, One of A Kind Designer Ring, by Antonio Pineda, Sterling Silver One of A Kind. Intricate Silver detail.
So now its a mere $230 = I'm again shocked no one has snatched it up.

Finally, this is the Antonio infamous crown mark that is frequently mistaken by less versed taxco buyers for the real Antonio crown mark...Again, LMAO...

I know what you're thinking - why dont I just email the sellers and tell them their listing isnt what they say...For 2 reasons. First, I dont like doing homework for someone else. Sellers should do their own research before listing anything. Hence sleepers. Second, most sellers (I think) know what they are trying to sell and get upset that you are calling them on it and then they insist on getting into an email debate about what their item is or isnt...Yes, I know this because I have emailed a couple of sellers noting its not what they think it is...With all the info on the internet I think its so much easier to ID pieces... OK on to the difference between Villasana (AV) and Navarrette (AN).

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