Friday, April 9, 2010

These eBay Posts Made Me LOL!

So U know I love trolling ebay - I crack up when I see posts are are clearly inaccurate. I know that sometimes the seller is simply unaware but there are others that are deliberate - those I dont like cuz buyers may not know that they are buying crap - I am a strong believer in 'buyer beware' but I dont like it when the sellers are simply I wanted to share with you some current posts that made me LOL:

Descriptions says TAPETE - tapete means RUG - for any real spratling collector you know its PETATE - which means woven MAT (not rug) whats even funnier is that in the old days when you died you were rolled up in a petate rug and they would say 'se petatillo' ha ha BTW these are COPIES Ck da back

This is my favorite - here is the ebay description for a SPRATLING:
I have researched William Spratling, and have come to the conclusion that this is indeed made by William Spratling, although it is missing the Spratling portion of the stamping. It does have the Taxco and 980 mark. The design is also very Spratling. This silver bracelet dates to the 30's or very early 40's.

OK so the seller says its SPRATLING even tho there are no Spratling marks - Yeah and I'm a size 4! We've seen this bracelet (and necklace) many times before - no its not spratling its just a nice example of Mexican jewelry. Also, the TAXCO 980 are considered secondary and tertiary marks...if there is no primary Spratling mark its not a Spratling...

This is the mark for the matching necklace to the bracelet (differnt sellers tho) noted above and the seller notes that it's the Spratling caviar ball neclace...OK so first its a FAKE mark - ck the Phillyis Goddard book on fake Spratling marks. Second its NOT the caviar necklace - that design is very different. Good example of mexican silver and FAKE Spratling mark.

Here is yet another example of SPRATLING - NOT!
The sellers desciption:
A great set of sterling silver serving pieces by William Spratling of Taxco, Mexico. Although it is subjective, these pieces are in very good estate/used condition....

So I was unable to copy the marks but its the JS in script mark - we are familiar with those marks - No its Not Spratling. No you cant confuse the two. And, NO its Not subjective. Whats more annoying is that the seller is known to sell good mexican - I guess it is a bad economy when good sellers stoop that low...

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