Thursday, September 9, 2010

Felipe Barbosa - New Designer Not Taxco

yeah yeah so its not Taxco - but this guys designs are super cool and in the old designs from the past with twists for today (See La Catrina).
I found his pieces for sale on the Lush Life website - Leave it to Erik for the cool stuff. Erik notes that Mr. Barbosa is from San Miguel de Allende, in Guanajuato - kinda far from Taxco, Guerrero.

Interestingly, the pins or brooches also have a compartment for remembering loved ones - also referred to as reliquaries or recalarios in Espanol. This style is so very Victorian or turn of the century. Usually, the hair of a deceased loved one is placed inside...

Now in another posting about the Patzcuaro pin I noted that it was silvertone. The seller took me to task (see Comments) about my notation. I did have the opportunity to see and handle the Patzcuaro silvertone brooch - And I have to say, it was well made - nice and heavy. For the price, it was very nice.

Mr. Barbosa also executes his pieces in Silvertone...I would also expect them to be well made and should also wear well. I will keep an eye out for his items...I loved them...

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