Monday, September 13, 2010

Maza-What?? Mazahua Jewelry - Yeah Baby!!

OK - so I had to Wiki the Mazahua people and here is what I found:

The Mazahua are an indigenous people of Mexico, inhabiting the northwestern portion of the State of Mexico and northeastern area of Michoacán, with a presence also in the Federal District owing to recent migration. The largest concentration of Mazahua is found in the municipalities of San Felipe del Progreso and San José del Rincón, both in Mexico state (Estado de México), near Toluca.

The word Mazahua is of Nahuatl origin meaning "the owners of deer", probably referring to the rich fauna of the mountainous region inhabited by the Mazahua. However they refer to themselves as Hñatho.

So you've been looking for hawt Oaxacan Earrings by Federico Jimenez (mine broke BTW) at a more affordable price?? Well, arent you in luck?!

These are Mazahua earrings - I thought they were Oaxacan Ha! Actually, the website
is pretty cool and you dont have to pay the middleman price - it looks easy with PayPal cool is that?
Its a community of artisans that work in the old style....

Wear it, Enjoy it, Love It

Donde Esta Mazahua - Aqui Esta - -

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