Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barrera For Avon - Barrera?! Really?

Saw this posting on ebay - Barrera for Avon...
OK so who is Barrera? When did Barrera make or design jewlery for Avon??

This bracelet is listed under the Mexican Jewelry category - I thought it was a very nice design and also I'm curious to know more about the designer....Do you have any info on this Barrera designer??
Opening bid is a mere $9.99 and it looks a gold tone material.
This bracelet was released in 1989 and is called Corinthian. It was re-released in 2007 in Silver by Avon...
Here is a bit of info I found on Illusion Jewels website:

Jose Maria Barrera for Avon 1989-1996

And this at the Great Vintage Jewelry website:

These dazzlers were made by Barrera for Avon in the early 1990s and the design is called Florentine. It was not mass produced and all Barrera jewelry is now eagerly sought by collectors.

Finally, this from Becca's Best Jewelry:

Avon jewelry authority and author Sandra Sturdivant, in her book “Identifying AVON JEWELRY”, ... “In 1989, he began contributing upscale jewelry designs with a Spanish influence for Avon. Each piece is innovative and imaginative, and they prove that costume jewelry can be as beautiful as the ‘real thing’.”

He also has many of his designer pieces selling at Neiman-Marcus.


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