Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maria Belen Nilson - Artist or Copier?

I saw this super cute brooch on ebay - the description says its sort of a reproduction by an original design by Margot. First, I dont think it was Margot I think it was Los Castillo (yes, Margot was married to Antonio). And second, I was unable to verify that this mark is Maria Belen. I did find her bio on the Novica website which says she is from Argentina....
So, just to confirm my position on reproductions - I generally dont approve.
I say generally cuz there are some exceptions like the nice Patzcuaro pin that I blogged about before...I saw it and it was Nice. Nicely done and well made.

This however, to me anyway, looks like a repro. Given that, I think its way overtpriced. I bet you can find the real Margot or Los Catillo for the same price or less.

So Can Anyone Confirm that this is Maria Belens mark?? Thanks


  1. It looks like her hallmark. I just got a used silver necklace on e-bay for about $50, which I also found new on the Novica site. There was no hallmark shown at Novica, but they referred you to other stuff by her, and I saw the same mark. The design of my necklace is based on a Spratling design. So yes, she borrows liberally from others.

  2. 'borrows liberally' = copy = knockoff = stealing intellectual property
    personally I won't buy them even vintage because it means you are devaluing the original design and the artist that made it...
    and, yes, I agree that the above brooch was most likely stolen from a Los Castillo design (I have a pair of early LC dress clips that are a close match), but I doubt originally by Margot, more likely her then-husband Antonio, or one of his brothers...IMHO