Friday, October 22, 2010

Los Ballesteros Mark on Matl Design - Authentic or Fake?

Matl design with Los Ballesteros mark brooch currently on eBay.
The design is clearly Matl or Salas or Domingues - take your pick.
This design and style is reproduced over and over.
But this brooch clearly has the Los Ballesteros markings even tho (to my limited knowledge) there is NO documented Matl design by the Los Ballesteros workshop.

Look at the marks in the pics - it was applied after the brooch was completed.
Me and my friend have debated this in the past:

Are applied marks fake?

I say they are fake - stamped on a separate piece of silver, cut out, then tacked on a finished piece.
Authentic pieces dont have applied or tacked marks.
They are stamped or marked right on the piece.
No pieces, no tacking.

My friend disagrees. She believes that the pieces are authentic even tho the markings are stamped and then placed separately.

I'm hoping the pics help to distinguish authentic designer pieces from those that are not.

Applied Antonio mark on bamboo design bracelet:

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