Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brass Handmade Mexican

I see these every once in awhile...This one is currently on ebay BIN @ $49.
Handmade, kinda Brutalist in design brass/copper jewelry from Mexico - I dont think from Taxco but not sure. Acapulco more likely, since its closer to the Pal Kapeyne (sp?) who had a workshop just outside.
This pictured cuff bracelet looks like late 80's and 90's to me.
The jewelry pieces from this design era just scream Mexican-made -
I think you can tell just from the workmanship - and they were trying so hard.

American brutalist came about 2 decades earlier - The 60's and 70's. Also sometimes referred to as Hippie Jewelry.
Smaller in size, using the same or similar material of primarily Brass, you can clearly see their prefered design choice of organic mimimalist. American made brutalist period is my preferred brass jewelry pieces when I am spending my hard earned cash. The pieces were well crafted with attention to detail. I have yet to see any signed pieces but there is one designer that has a distinct design detail - he adds a cube somewhere in his jewelry. I happen to see and purchase a small cuff bracelet - I got it cuz of the cube. Who knew?! Sadly I cannot recall his name and God forbid they would have a signed any of their jewelry....

Having compared Mexican and American brutalist, noting my preference for American, I do have to note that one of my earlier posts referenced early Mexican Folk jewelry made from copper and brass. Because its clearly Folk Jewelry I would not refer to it as brutalist. Their only commonality is the material used.
Love Love Love Mexican Folk Jewelry - mostly the ingenuity at using readily available raw materials - yeah, the coins in their pockets and jars...

I am looking forward to a good reference book on Brutalist Brutish Brusque Very Affordable Jewelry.

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