Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Los Castillo Pectoral Necklaces

I thought I would share some exquisite, yet super hard to find, Los Castillo Pectoral neclaces. These are typically pictured in any of the Big Books of Mexican Silver...most gracing the neclace of the author (Penny Morrill).
These necklaces have exceptional repousee work and are marked with an added circle tag with Los Castillo marks and design number. Usually, there is no backing, so the repousee work is easy to see. Some pieces, however, do have a backing. Despite this, their size they are deciptively light weight. One of the hallmarks of good workmanship.

I was able to acquire the Los Castillo Pectoral pictured above - I found a pic on Worthpoint archives where their description includes this piece selling for over $4k - In a good economy, that could even be true - Today though, I was able to acquire it for much less.

These I found on the Maestros de Taxco where it was POR or Price on Request - which you know I believe translates into over $3-4,000 and the Silver Huntress which listed their piece at a reasonable $2,200.


  1. Oh Tia, I LOVE your pectoral!! Where ever did you find it?? I would like to bookmark the auction/website to check for goodies for myself!!(or would that be giving away a secret?)Don't let your daughter get her hands on this:)

  2. oh, and speaking of Los Castillo, can you please take a look at this site and tell me what you think?? They are selling jewelry they call Hector Aguilar, made from his molds, but manufactured in Los Castillo workshop?? WHAT????? and look at the hallmarks!!!!


  3. Hey Zoe thanks for your comments - I saw the alleged H Aguilar and I have to agree with you. If it was from the Los Castillo workshop it would be marked TA-01. Also, did you see my earlier post about finding a whole kiosk of Aguilar and Los Catillo at an airport?! Authentic? Not likely - thanks for sharing - shop cautiously...Tia

  4. I am hoping you can help me..I found an old tie bar (maybe money clip??) cleaning out some drawers. It is marked Taxco Los Castillo and mosaico azteca both in circles the Taxco circle has a 925. It also has made in Mexico on it. There is a faint DE and also near the end of the clip there is maybe a 171. I cant make out what is in the mosaico circle. It looks like XXXX Just four X's that are turquoise and green. What does all this mean and does it have any value?

  5. Yup it does have value - assuming its in good condition and the mosaic part is not flaking or crumbling - the mosaico azteca is so Los Castillo. It is one of their trademarks in Taxco jewelry.
    Tie bars are ok but they are not worn very often - so their value is a bit low. But there is a market with Taxco & Los Castillo collectors...Good luck and thanks for your inquiry Tia