Sunday, December 26, 2010

SIGI Mixed Media Plaque

Super hard to find at a good price Modernist Sigi Plaque.
The only draw back on these is that they are sooooo heavy (like 10 lbs.) that I always think the piece and or the wall on which it is hanging must be reinforced due to the weight factor.

There are smaller plaques but the full effect of the modernist piece could be lost or go unnoticed.

I got one some years ago at a super cheap price - and I ignorantly traded it for another piece. Mostly because I couldnt hang it due to the weight - So I would lean it against the wall. So since then, I dont trade and I have been looking to replace my super-modernist Sigi Plaque...and here it is. I havent seen it upclose and personal, but it looks like it might need a little buffing - like someone shoved in the closet against some stuff and got a bit big deal. Its a good price for this 20in by 10 in piece of art work by this artist...yay!

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