Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aguilar For Coro FAKES!

So you saw my earlier posts on fake Antonio's and Spratling's. But nothing bugs me more than the mis-idenfied - yes, I suppose ppl can make honest mistakes, by mis-identifying Coro. So, here is one currently on eBay = You see these alot. I posted the marks - there are like 5 things wrong with the mark. Can you identify the mistakes?

So the marks are in block lettering CORO - should be in script Coro.
Should say Made in Mexico - not Taxco.
This one is stamped on the piece itself = watch out for those markings that are applied to the piece. I really dont like those - its like they SCREAM I'm A FAKE!!
So be careful out there...I did buy one of these fake coro pieces - the quality and workmanship just isnt there. You can tell even if not marked. But the fake markings just say it all - scream it all....

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