Monday, May 10, 2010

Mexican German Influences - Yeah, Its AGNES SEEBASS

I love her work - she's mentioned in the Big Book Of Mexican Silver (aka Penny Morrills's Mexican Silver). In conjunction with my Taxco silver, I also have a Scandinavian collection going. I love the sleek lines and excellent workmanship - the enamel work is also to die for. So its kinda cool that both worlds come together in Agnes Seebass. If you ck out this website slash article by Marbeth -

it says that she visited and worked in the Los Castillo workshop...what it doesnt say is that Agnes and Wolmar Castillo were married but then divorced....

Still, Agnes' work is wonderful - love the silver matte color and yet it looks modernist. Agnes work is also on the westcoast at Hiosilver where the owner has trunk shows...havent been to one yet - maybe I can get my friend Katina to drive me out there some time....

Yes, I was lucky enough to get a necklace by her - yes, at the Maestros de Plata exhibit in San Antonio...Lucky me.

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