Friday, May 28, 2010

Glitterati AKA Antonio Pineda

My Jeweler just saw this article and shared it with me...Its in FORBES LIFE magazine - May 2010 issue...Wow! Talk about mainstream. Its a short article and I'm surprised the author didn't mention the upcoming Silver Seduction show in Santa Fe next week...Oh well, here is the link:

Here is the article if you cant get the link:
BTW I ck'd the silverfund for Antonio pieces and they were super E-X-Pensive - and they only only a few pieces...
Antonio Pineda,
a leading light of the Taxco School of midcentury Mexican silversmiths, was fond of saying, "The richness of silver is immortal. It doesn't die." Although he himself passed away at age 90 last December, his work retains its time-transcending allure. Between the 1930s and '70s, first as an apprentice to William Spratling, the American expat who put Taxco on the map, and then in his own workshop, he produced thousands of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, and cuff links that are remarkable for their abstract geometry, precise workmanship, and exquisite incorporation of gemstones (note the amethysts in the necklace here). A longtime favorite of modernist jewelry collectors, Pineda's refreshingly simple work has an enduring--and expanding--appeal. "His pieces are being snapped up," says Michael James, owner of the Silver Fund in San Francisco, a leading Pineda dealer. "His buyers are people who like great design. They may have a Graff diamond on their finger and an Antonio bracelet on their wrist."
Necklace, $6,500; cuff, $4,500.
At the Silver Fund, 877-391-4151,

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